Sunday, August 4, 2013

F-Stop means Stop and Focus

The last few weeks have been incredibly challenging to me.  I think I get to places in my life where God's like "Julie, we're going to get real here, together."  Because the truth is none of us grow into glory by keeping our heads in the clouds and our feet barely touching the ground.  So, here's the deal, the more my life has pushed forward and my responsibilities both professionally and personally have grown, my Attention Deficit Disorder seems to have reared its presence into my good old cranium (not that it went away).  Between doctors appointments, scheduling professional meetings, trainings, etc my brain is like an opem internet browser with 40 open tabs open at all times.  It is both a gift and a complete disorder.  In the last month, I have seen the disorder part of it .  Feeling that extra dose of sensitivity in my personal life and needing to navigate myself in my professional tasks has been extremely challenging for someone like me--who stops and stares at clouds just so I can think of things like joy, grace, community, and God's love (that is the gift part of a.d.d.).

And as I wait to figure out what the next step is with my doctor, I go back to the art form that reminds me to slow down and focus on the picture right in my symbolic view finder. Photography, again, is really a like creative therapy.  It helps me learn to focus on one open tab at a time and to find God's voice in that simple, focused moment.

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