Thursday, February 14, 2013

Blessings and Prayers: Self-Portraits

So glad two of my blog buddies joined in on this collaborative photo venture: Jessica Thorton who blogs at Meet the Magnolias and Lisa Guillon who blogs at Hook, Yarn, and Stinkers.  *Stay tuned in to Twitter, Hellcotton and facebook for my announcements to email me your photos throughout the week.  It is a fun and creative way to promote my blog friends.*
My self portraits in my favorite window in our house that generates the best lighting

I wore some  handmade funk and flair by artists that I have connected with through this blog today:  Wear Love T-Shirts and Owl Eye Vintage

My favorite army jacket!  I have had the opportunity to wear it 2x this week!  Spring has sprung in St. Louis.

I am standing at a very funny place in my life where I feel like I have been blessed so much that I start to wait for the other foot to drop where I am living in the dark spaces again. I have wonder if this is a spiritual issue.  Do I obsess over being in a chapter of struggle?  Have I become so comfortable in the uncomfortable that I don't know what to do when I am living in a good chapter of my story? When I get in these spaces of starting to feel uncomfortable in spaces of joy, I create a list of blessings and prayers.  It gives me an understanding of what I need to celebrate in this chapter, but also keep in my mind the current challenges that  are ahead.


My 2 healthy beautiful children

Our growing community of friends in St. Louis (aka the urban family)

Continual opportunities to photograph fun spaces in St. Louis

Creating the time to paint with Shyla

All the hair stylists in my life that keep my bangs short and hair highlighted (these count too)

Continual opportunities to participate in creative projects in this city with other artists

Our church community and the way they show love to the people that call it their church home

A healthy chapter in our financial life


More insight on what the next chapter holds for me professionally (without the temptation of wanting another certification)

Potty training Shyla with a patient heart

Being open to doing uncomfortable opportunities that would allow me to grow personally

Being open hearted

Staying true to my new work schedule boundaries (no more nights).


Mary Sauer said...

I love this series. Great pictures.

I'm glad you are getting connected with a community where you live. It's so so important.

julie johnson said...

Thanks Mary!!
If you have any self portraits you love e-mail them to me next week. I usually tweet the reminder on Wednesday.

Community is so important. We used to be really involved in the Jacob's Well Community in Kansas City before we moved to Seattle and then we moved back to the midwest, except this time St. Louis. Let me just say, I will never again in my life take advantage of the sense of community that is around me after being what feels like a nomad the last 3 years.