Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sump Coffee, St. Louis, MO-Cleaning Up in 2013

Today I had an awesome opportunity to cruise around town-childless.  It was brilliant.
I ended up at a coffeeshop in South St. Louis called Sump Coffee.  The inside was all about one thing: coffee.  These guys know coffee---for sure!

While I was there I drank what the barista called a "clean chai tea latte" (i.e. no espresso). It was so refreshing and tasted well-clean.  As I began photographing this space, I began to think about how the word clean has been coming up in my life recently. I am going to be focusing on "clean eating" over lent, ordering "clean chai tea lattes," maybe keeping my car clean (maybe).

Anyway, it made me think about how me, many of my friends and peers had reached a point in our lives where we want to be clean in our personal and spiritual lives--hanging out with people that are emotionally healthy, showing up being real--coming clean with ourselves and loved ones. I think I am a part of a generation that craves authenticity, creativity, and real love--the love that allows us to come clean even in our messiest times.

I will continue to pray that 2013 is a year of cleansing in my life, my friends, and anyone reading this.
Clean eating, Clean heart, Clean soul, Clean life. Clean.

God Bless.

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