Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sweet Katie Bee Cupcakes and Coffee Bar-O'Fallon, IL

Yesterday my friend Jessica and I got the amazing opportunity to go hang out at this awesome new cupcake bar in O'fallon, IL called Sweet Katie Bee's Cupcake and Coffee Bar. It was such great experience. We ate their Strawberry Vegan Cupcake and were completely impressed with the vegan icing. We also took a few home with us in a pretty wrapped box.

I loved photographing this space!! It absolutely took my breath away. The vintage-chic style of the interior was extremely inviting. The lighting in the space was perfect. Plus they sold Goshen Coffee and were big fans of Foundation Grounds Coffeehouse where Luke bakes!

I love places like these that remind you that life is about relaxing, eating cupcakes with your friends, and drinking awesome coffee. What more can you ask for?


Mary Sauer said...

Those cupcakes look uh-maz-ing. I think I know people in O'Fallon, I think high school youth pastor moved there not long after I graduated.

Looks like a fun little coffee date.


elizabeth said...

Um YUMM-O! Did I spy andes mint? Might be my fave! What a fun space and your photos look great!!

julie johnson said...

thank you for your awesome comments ladies! I love that place and am really beginning to love food photography.