Sunday, June 1, 2014

Real Fruit Breakfast Popsicles

Shyla has been waking up every morning for the last two two weeks wanting to eat a popsicle.  So after two weeks of hearing myself say no to her about having a popsicle for breakfast, I started asking myself what situation would make me say yes to popsicles for breakfast.  So I went through our fridge and started looking at what food I wished my kids wanted to have for breakfast.  It was stuff like fresh strawberries, bananas, organic orange juice and almond milk.  That's when Luke reminded me that I could put all those things in a popsicle mold, freeze them and call them a popsicle.  And that's when I realize that I had been over complicating the idea of the homemade popsicle or (pop-i-cycle) as my daughter says its, for years.

So here's the simple process:

*any other fruit that you want to eat frozen
Orange Juice
Almond Milk
*You can use cow's milk as well or any other juice with a flavor you desire

Please Note: You will need a popsicle mold from Target, Walmart or to freeze your ingredients in.

The Process:

1. Gather your desired fruit and liquid of the popsicles
2. Cut up the fruit in tiny pieces 
3. pour liquid and fruit into popsicle molds
4. place in freezer for 4-6 hours or until the mixture in molds are completely frozen
5. Eat and enjoy.

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