Friday, March 22, 2013

Self-Portraits: Grow Where You Are Planted

I have been in North City and County most of this week.  Thoughts about urban renewal and supporting the poor have been on my heart this week.  If you have ever worked in an urban environment, it can be so inspiring much like the street art seen here. I have clients on my caseload right now that have lived extreme nightmares this week. It is hard to see our system fail for the most vulnerable in society.  I guess God is showing me how to dig in a little deeper into this work by becoming a certified grant writer.  As I drive through neighborhoods with little to no street art, landscape, or resources I had to ask myself: what skills do I have to help build up the clients that I am serving on this very street (and have been for the last  two and a half years).  How can we go deeper and wider?  Well this week it was revealed to me that grant writing is in my professional future for the population.  So starting May 8 I will be taking a course to certify me as a grant writer for arts and educational grants!  Yay!!  I am excited to see where this goes and what projects are cultivated.

Please watch the video below!  It is an amazing take on how this urban gardener regenerated a neighborhood in south central L.A.  I love how he states "get gangsta with your shovel."

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