Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Working in inner-city St. louis doing what I do can have its days where you see the beauty of humanity growing out of the alley ways, vacant lots, and parking lots surrounded among the old brick buildings.
And other days like today you see its ugliness.  On days like today, I like to surround myself with color and
to remind myself that God is found in the darkest stories.

Whose art reminds you that hope exists in the darkness?

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Mary Sauer said...

What do you do, Julie? I've either forgotten or missed that you mentioned it. I was just thinking out night about my new job on the mental health unit of a hospital. I know I will need to find ways to focus on beauty and hope daily. Your art inspires me. I feel that I am just not becoming acquainted with many creative side. You seem fearless, always trying new things.