Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Overcoming the Lie: Being Enough

This week writers, artists, bloggers, in a few networks I am a part of are celebrating "Overcome The Lie: a social media campaign focused on breaking free from the lies we as women have been told, maybe even believed, and celebrating our stories of how we have overcome any lie, big or small!"  I have teamed up with Ashley Beaudin, who is a writer and activist over at: The Story Project, and other writers, activists and artists
in this awesome campaign focusing on overcoming the lies we have told ourselves.

I used to think to feel loved I needed to keep achieving. But now I know that to feel loved I need to pursue my God-given passions without the expectation of achievement.

I fall into the gap of 25-34 year old Americans who have more degrees and letters behind their names that people don't even know what exactly we are certified to do after a point. I have a bachelors degree in fine arts, a special education certification, and 2 other teaching related certifications on top of those. I am guilty of going after more school certifications with a scarcity mentality.

That isn't to say that people who decide to keep achieving are not working from a place of passion. I can only speak from my heart and motivations here. My obsession with school comes from a place of wanting more then what had been given to me at that very moment in life. I wanted someone to promise me that I would make more money with each new letter at the end of my name.  So I would work my hind end off for months and months, neglecting time with my family and friends all in the name of achievement and progress.  I am passionate about education and the certifications that I hold.  They are areas that are extremely creative, collaborative, and innovative.  However, before I go looking at school programs for another set of letters to put at the end of my name, I have to look at the inner-desires of my heart.

Overcoming this lie came during my pregnancy with Asher (so not that long ago). I spent much of my pregnancy reading beautiful books like "Bloom" by Kelle Hampton and "Love Does" by Bob Goff.  Those books talk about living passionate lives, being present in our current relationships, being creative, and loving with a heart for the reality of enough.  As long as we are living passionate lives, there will always be enough.

I want the time to parent my children to take risks, love big, and be present to God's purpose for their own life .I want to take them to art museums, farmer's markets, Ireland, and Thailand.  I want to teach them that really living your life is about being open to the invitation to embracing all of life's little moments as big celebratory events.  2 more years in school doesn't teach that.  Being present with my family, best friends and community allows me to keep the tank full at the level of "enough."


Sarah said...

Such a timely, meaningful post...especially for overachievers like ourselves. :)

julie johnson said...

Thanks lady! I am just sick of being tired. I have a feeling most people look at my resume and think this girl either lacks focus or is trying to come off as well rounded. Who knows? I am just making a pact with myself to create fun opportunities with the achievements I have already been blessed with. It is hard.

elizabeth said...

I enjoyed reading this! thank your for sharing.

julie johnson said...

Thanks Elizabeth!!

jtag said...

Your post reminds me of a poem I started but have never finished due to my obsessive dedication to higher education-In the quest to meet your exact specifications
is it dollar signs
or laundry lines of initials trailing my name spelling out the marketable accomplishments of my hours- another thought provoking post as usual I will be revisiting my definition of achievment