Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hey! I Am Julie.

Hey There!  Thanks for visiting my little creative corner of cyberspace.  My name is Julie!  I am an artist, photographer,  teacher, mom, wife, and lover of all things that are creative. My husband, Luke, is a pastry chef/baker and tries to coach me on becoming a more knowledgeable "epicurian."  We are blessed to be able to parent the hearts and minds of two beautiful children, Shyla and Asher:

After going through many life changes in the last three years, including becoming a motherX2 and living in a new place, my artwork, writing on this blog, and community endeavors have been greatly influenced by the writing of  Brene Brown, Anne Lamott, Shauna Niequist, and other authors who write with a sense of humor, vulnerability and creativity that I absolutely love! 

A few other things about me:
I am a teacher.
I love fun fashion.
I love chunky earrings.
I talk a lot and REALLY fast.
I love photography and playing with all the fun new photo apps
I have had 2 c-sections (I am totally ok with that).
I am very scattered brained.
Creating art that be done with my kids is the best kind.
My favorite photographer is Annie Leibovitz.
I love to cook fun, creative, outside the box meals.
I write inspiration words on my hand-everyday.

I write and create art about  resilience, authenticity, connection, accountability, and deliberate living.  I challenge viewers and readers to observe my work with an open heart and a desire to use my creations as a "conceptual shovel" to digging deeper inside of themselves to find opportunities that cultivate deliberate, healthy, and passionate lives for themselves.

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Brenna Darazs said...

I write inspiration words/phrases on my wrist every day, too!