Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Art School Studios

My art studio looks like this today:
My friend's daughters came over and painted with Shyla the other night.  They made a beautiful mess.

This week I have been practicing shooting in RAW format and Black and White mode on my camera as well as well as playing with Histogram meter on my Camera.

A few photos from this weeks photo exercise (your probably saw these if you saw my tutorial on shooting in RAW Mode).

Researching these photographers this weekend.  Then, I am going to be picking a photographer's work that I   have to emulate in my own style.  So far I love Cole Thompson, Michael Kenna, Micmojo, and Aurelien Vivier.

Who is your favorite photographer?

  • Joel Tjintjelaar
  • Cole Thompson
  • Micmojo
  • Chris Friel
  • Josef Hoflehner
  • Aurelien Vivier
  • Vernon Trent
  • Maria Stromvik
  • Michael Kenna

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