Friday, August 6, 2010

What is a Circle Game?

I decided it was time to start blogging again. I haven't blogged in six years. Life is changing quickly, and with so many people that I care about all over the U.S.A., I decided it was time.
Anyway, the name of this blog is called Circle Game after the name of Joni Mitchell's
song "Circle Game." Its one of my favorite Joni songs :). Joni explains the idea of a circle game beautifully in her lyrics. So, look up the lyrics if you feel like doing so. :)

Life update:
1. As many of you know, Luke and I had a daughter named Shyla on July 13, 2o1o

2. We temporarily moved from Seattle to KC on July 30. It's been really good to see good friends and family while we have been back.

3. We will be permanently moving to St. Louis at the end of August

4. I will be working here about 25-30 hours a week:
I get benefits and I can make my own schedule (big time plus being a mom), and I will be doing what I love. Plus some of our good friends live there.
I start mid-late september.

5. Shyla is a great baby. She sleeps about 5-6 hours a night and is very, very laid back. Everything post-pardum has gone smoothly. She is happy, healthy, and took to breastfeeding beautifully :) She likes Joni Mitchell and a lot of folk rock :) Yay!

6. This weekend we go to St. Louis to find a place to live, and Luke will follow up on some job leads :)

Anyway, that is where we are in this "circle game" of life.

I will post some pictures next entry. I am getting back into my love for cooking whole foods. We'll post recipes soon :)

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