Saturday, March 23, 2013

Argan Oil

I love Argan Oil.  LOVE IT!  A few of my closest friends recently bought me a new bottle of it from my husband's place of business: Vom Fass for my birthday.  I am all about taking care of yourself in the  best way. Please read about the awesome benefits of this fantastic oil!!
The following text is from:Aragan Oil Care website:
Hearing about all the Argan oil benefits makes you want to try out the product in an instant! There are definitely too many advantages to mention; If you have been looking for the right, natural product to use for your hair and skin care dilemmas then you better check out the following list of benefits of Argan oil:
•    Anti-aging – Argan oil use for face and wrinkles are the most popular cosmetical uses of this miraculous organic oil. It has a high level of tocopherols (vitamin E) and antioxidants that can reduce damage of harmful free radicals reducing the progress of skin aging. Aside from these natural properties, the saponins found in Argan oil will help moisturize dry and blemished skin leading to a more youthful and healthy-looking skin.
•    Healing – there are skin conditions that may be treated with natural and organic Argan oil
. This oil has triterpenoids that can help heal and protect skin. You can use this oil for healing old and new scars; reduce skin inflammatory conditions like eczema and psoriasis and common skin conditions like pimples and acne. It has been noted that regular use of Argan oil will help reduce skin blemishes and can deal with ugly acne and pimple marks.
This natural oil has 80% unsaturated fatty acids that can resist natural cell oxidation as compared to olive oil. Sterolins in this oil can also help improve the metabolism of skin, reduce inflammation and possibly improve the skin’s ability to retain moisture.
•    Protecting – the natural property of Argan oil to protect skin, hair and nails are extraordinary indeed. When used regularly, it can heal damaged tissues and partially healed ones like scars. It can add a layer onto skin to protect it from the harmful rays of the sun as well as a disinfectant layer that will keep pollution, toxins and microorganisms out.
•    Medicinal – benefits of Argan oil extend to as far as treating common and not so common skin and hair problems. It contains plant sterols that can reduce inflammation and can even have anti-cancer properties. This oil may also be beneficial in facilitating digestion by increasing pepsin and gastric juice concentration.
There are studies regarding the positive effects of Argan oil in arthritis and rheumatism because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It may also be effective in reducing cholesterol levels, improving systemic blood circulation and can even strengthen the body’s immune system. Certain skin conditions like chicken pox, psoriasis and eczema are no match to the benefits of Argan oil and there are even products that contain Argan oil for reducing stretch marks in pregnancy and in weight loss.
•    Other uses – Argan oil is also known to have aphrodisiac properties and may even be effective as a medicinal and energy tonic. Traditional people from Morocco have been known to use this organic oil as a way to rejuvenate their interest and sexual pleasure; it is also effective in improving overall energy and vigor after a long day of work. Benefits of Argan oil are too many to mention and in fact, advantages of this organic oil are still being discovered up to this day. There is no doubt that this oil will be known as one of the most effective natural treatments for most skin and hair conditions as well as other health problems instead of using chemicals that can harm your health. (read more on wikipedia)

Did You Know? Argan Oil Has the Highest Levels of Vitamin E

The Argan nut is where Argan oil is derived; the Argan tree on the other hand is a majestic plant that can survive for two to five centuries making it a very valuable inheritance for future generations. The benefits of this Moroccan oil will certainly be used for generations to come.
Argan oil, also known as Moroccan Oil , is derived from the careful processing or Argan nuts by pressing; naturally the oil will keep for 3 to 6 months without any preservatives and it is considered Argan oil with the highest levels of vitamin E. Obtaining the highest quality oil is a blessing to anyone who would like to take advantage of pure Argan oil benefits. So as a word of caution; only buy from reputable dealers and manufacturers to get the best out of Argan oil benefits. (read more on



Argan oil is an excellent product.. For this, we find a very high price in the market.

Kate Russell said...

Very informative blog indeed, You are right that 100% pure argan oil is too much effective for hairs and the skin as-well. I usually purchase pure argan oil from and use it for my hairs, and surprisingly it improves the condition of my hairs every time i used to apply it.