Saturday, June 21, 2014

Learning to Surf

Mindfulness quote: "We cannot control the waves but we can learn to surf them." -Sitting Still Like a Frog

We are born with the purest of hearts

We inherently live in each moment 

As children

But then the Waves of anxiety begin when life presents

It's darker side





No one taught me how to surf these waves

No one taught me at this young age

That these waves could be my greatest 


In Life.

The Waves could teach me to surf

By learning to observe the movement and size of the Tides

The Trigger Points.

The Heaviness in my head when the Waves hit.

In knowing

Their pattern

I become a Master Surfer

Of my own mental waves
And heal

By breathing

Noticing the feeling in my head

And picturing surfing each wave as it comes

Staying afloat.

No capsizing.

For my daughter,

I will teach her

To Surf

At age four.

She and I are not The Waves.

We are the Surfers,

Learning to love the The Waves and all their Lessons.

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