Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Autumn (In Photos)

My friends Danny and Rob have an inclusive band where anyone who has an instrument can play in it.  The band is called the People's Crew and last weekend they played in the Dogtown Street Musician festival.  And yes, it was as amazing as it sounds.
My friend Alex and her beautiful son Brooks had coffee with some of my lovely friends at an awesome new coffee place who I will feature on this blog very soon stay tuned, :)  She is one of the proudest new mamas I have ever seen.
Autumn happened and I was blissfully excited to put on my fall boots and drink coffee on my porch in my pajamas.

Luke and I have an amazing new friend named Natalie who came over for dinner last weekend.  I had my first late night porch talk of the season!  I love late night talks with friends on porches at night.  It reminds me of Autumn in KC and Seattle!  Autumn makes me love my community and my friendships.  This photo is an indicator of that.

Who doesn't love neon watches, baby fist bumps, fall boots, and baby hugs?

Alex cuddling Brooks as I did my iPhone photographer thing at Blue Print Coffee

This is the work of Pete Woellager, a Stencil Artist in St. Louis.  I saw it tagged on a construction site and instantly thought of one of my best friend's Michelle!  We love photographing graffiti and street art.

What a coffee date with 5 awesome ladies gather round a tiny table on an autumn afternoon looks like.

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