Sunday, September 22, 2013

IOS Photo App Review: Pic Tap Go

I am absolutely loving the new iOS photo app 7's camera updates in general!  Also, there are some new amazing photos apps that have been developed in the last few months that are just top of line in terms of editing capabilities, filter options, and sharing!  One of my favorites is Pic Tap Go!

Developed by, Totally Rad, Inc, Pic*Tap*Go gives users multiple and customized editing options:
In the screen shot above, you will see that  the app keeps track of your favorite filters that you have used for editing in the past and saves them for reference for future photo editing.

The app also saves filter recipes from past photo edits as well.   In this screen shot, the app was able to tell me that in the past I had used a combination of the "Terra" and "Contrast" filters in past edits.

Finally, the app also has a large library of apps that I love!  You can easily layer multiple filters to see how they look and then choose the"undo" option if it is not the look you want for your photo.
If you love this app, please go show the software developers some love and "like" their facebook page.

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