Saturday, August 17, 2013

DIY Photo Transfers and Some Recent work

Hello everyone!  I wanted to share a few recent photo shoots I have completed as I have been comissioned  for some private photography projects and am participating in two group photo shows.  Here are a few digital images of the pieces I am working on.  I am currently exploring the concept of printing on a variety of textures.  This has been an extremely fun process!  I also just printed my first picture as a canvas wrapped tripdych!!

For many of the pieces seen above, I want to translate the feeling of the photo into things the viewer can feel--  taking photography into a full sensory experience.  So far I have done 3 practice photo transfers on wood!  It is such a fun process!  Please check out the link below to learn more about this easy process:

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Karen Koblan said...

These are beautiful! You are really talented!