Saturday, July 20, 2013

Off the Charts

Last week I had an amazing experience of going to a conference on the soul of data and the arts in St. Louis City and County.  The conference reported on how the data surrounding the effectiveness of creative and public health efforts in St. Louis City and County.  It was an amazing reminder of how far we as a nation have to go to be both physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy.  It was a further reminder that we still live in a broken world where racism, social elitism, and violence keep us down, but not out.  But sitting in a room full of people like me that believe that access, education, and creativity is the root of resiliency in a culture that says we are powerless and a slave to our socio-economic situation is the most hopeful feeling one can experience.  It reminds me that no matter how broken, unworthy, or powerless we perceive ourselves, it only takes one person to say "you are worthy" to change the story.  Yesterday, I had the pleasure of sitting in a room full of people that said "we are all worthy no matter how broken."

If you know of any super rad urban renewal projects happening in your city, please share them with me.  I want to do a special blog entry about urban renewal projects in a variety of reader's hometowns.
So let me know and lets collaborate.  What organizations are trying to change the face of your city?
Send me some maps too!!!

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