Wednesday, April 3, 2013


1. Intelligensia Coffee- I LOVE this coffee so much. My coworker introduced it to me. It is so smooth.  My favorite is Breakfast Blend.
2.Henna-We are having a Henna Party  for one of my favorite ladies this weekend.  Check her out!! Henna Expressions.
3.Evernote-This is how I keep track of all my notes for my art, blogs, client notes, to dos.  I can access it on my computer, ipad, and phone.   You can get it on the Android and iOS market.
4.Black Keys- I love this band.  That is it.
5. Blended Schools- The sort of school our kids will probably be attending.  I am learning all about through my CEUs.
6.Lemon Water-God, I love drinking lemon water in the morning.  Some people have been able to substitute it for coffee.  I am not there yet.  It just tastes awesome and is great for kidney and digestive health.

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