Monday, April 22, 2013


I am in a very curious stage of life where I seem to be generating more questions in my head as I approach creative problem solving techniques both in my teaching and professional life.   I feel like I have been taking more risks professionally and creatively. I love to learn. I love to feel challenged. A co-worker friend of mine said that this "obsession with learning new things" qualified me as an "edupunk." I Hadto laugh when she told me this becausE i thought it was because I had adult a.d.d. Anyway, here are the areas of my life where I am living the edupunk dream:1. Playing with android photo apps2. Expanding knowlege and implementation in blended learning in my teaching life. 3. Finding new ways to display photos besides in frames.4. Discoverong new collaborative creative interactive projects via web 2.0---geekgasm-- I have a whole post planned for that!--5. Writing blog posts on the Blogger mobile app and learning the tricks of "blogging on the go."

What new things are you educating yourself on?



Mary Sauer said...

I am working on slowing down and focusing on more quality than quantity in my creating.

Sorry I've been absent lately, I missed reading your blogs. My personal life has pulled me away from the screen a little bit. Trying to jump back into the blogging world again.


rob may said...

Edupunks unite and conquer doers of the same old way!!