Friday, February 22, 2013

In the Studio: 4 Little Words Project

I believe every artist has his/her co-spirators.  You know, your partners in crime that help you complete the, what seems like impossible creative tasks that lay before you.  Well, here are two (out of many) of my conspirators:  Jessica and Michelle.  These two lovely ladies are embarking on a creative journey with me called the: "4 Little Words Project."  As you know I am a self-proclaimed inspirational "quotaholic."  I especially love when profound things are said in 4 words or less.  It is the whole "less is more theory."
A few of my favorites:
Live and Let Live.
Life teaches.  Love reveals.
Nothing ventured, nothings gained.
Courage doesn't always roar.
Dance lightly with life.
Earth laughs in flowers.
We want you to be part of this too (scroll down to get the details).
From top to bottom:  Jessica,  Michelle, Moi.
Some recent "4 Little Word" pieces completed by Jessica and I.

The "4 Little Words Project" is an opportunity for any artist to link up with us to create a collaborative ensemble of inspirational quotes, creative phrases, etc in your media of choice.  Here is the criteria:

*Your 4 words must be included in your composition
*It can be in the media of your choosing (photography, painting, mixed media, etc)
*Photograph it
*Email it to me when you have completed it and I will post it as a part of my "In the Studio" series between now and April 1.
*PLEASE NOTE: If you are in St. Louis or Kansas City and want to be a part of this, leave a comment.  We are looking into the idea of putting together a local show of the pieces created by local artists.  

If you have anymore questions leave a comment below.

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