Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Teachers as Artists

The sun came out yesterday! I took 15 minutes to take some photos of the beautiful spring weather! Letting loose from work with art just feels great, especially when I have been working really hard.

I am taking a professional development class online this month. To be honest, it has been great, but it makes me stay in my functional creative modes a lot longer then while I am working. However, it does feel good to feel passionate about my job, especially since I work as an educational consultant in a system that I feel is failing the majority of the parents and children I work with. However, within my class, I am able to work with some very creative teachers and minds who are problem solving people--they are artists. They ask questions to solve problems and come up with these amazing solutions that inspire others. These are the kinds of teachers I want my kids to have. This is the kind of teacher I try to be everyday, but its hard. It takes learning as a community of teachers who are actually artists. I find myself needing community to teach just as much as I need it to create.

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Lisa Gullion said...

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