Monday, February 11, 2013

Leibster Awards Pt. 2: New Blogs Worth Reading

Holy Moly!  Asher is one hungry little man these days and has caused me to become a blog reading, documentary watching, inspiration reading, food photographer appreciater mama during our feeding times. Here are the newer blogs that I am loving to read and connect with thanks to some of the blog networking sites I am affiliated with: Influence Network and Hellcotton.  I can also thank Twitter for all the new creative relationships sprouting up.  What a collaborative community. Anyway,  I am finishing up PT. 2 of the Leibster Awards from Feb. 1.

These are 11 newish Blogs that everyone should check out:

1. Carrie Brighton
2. A Beautiful Life Life
3.A Day In the Life of A Pixie
4. Lauren Talks Beauty
5. Diary of A Domesticated Diva
6.Meet the Sauers
7.Crazy Lovely Me
8.Diary of a Misfit Missionary
9. A Place to Dwell
10. The Story Project
11. Being Me On Purpose


Lauren Talks Beauty! said...

Thankyou sooo much for the mention! It really helps us new bloggers!

Lauren Talks Beauty!! x

Justin Bariso said...

Hi Julie. Stumbled across your blog today. Love your pics - your little girl's a doll. I also liked your blog recommendations and wondered if you'd be willing to read a post or two of mine. Hope you like it.

Keep up the great work!