Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Self portraits January 5 to 11th

So much life was lived this week. It was so fun to look back at the self portraits from the last week. Since Asher was my surprise, this week's post is especially meaningful. From the chalk art I did with Shyla this week to Asher's birth, there was a little piece of rebirth and life in even the littlest things this week for me. This week felt more like a collage of opportunities waiting to be documented visually.

One of my favorite parts of being a photographer and artist is self-portrait photography. This is why I am super excited to be taking on my 2013 photographic challenge of photographing myself everyday of this year. How can I tell the story of 2013 through self-portraiture? I will be sharing my self-portraits from the week every Friday. I invite you to e-mail me your self portraits at throughout the week and I will post them here with mine. No matter what, self-portraits tell a story about the beautiful you that exists that very moment you hit the button.

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