Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Asher's Birth Story

Asher's birth is powerful for me because it has been about choosing grace and truth for my mental and spiritual health. It is about acceptance and God meeting me where I am at and feeling blessed by that reality. I have a beautiful baby boy, an awesome husband, and a doctor with courage who wasn't afraid to be honest with me.

My body went into prodromal labor (body continues to contract while cervix does nothing) on Tuesday as well as a cold and extremely high blood pressure. This happened with Shyla and produced a very frustrating and irritating birthing experience for Luke and I.

After much deliberation with my doctor, she decided we should go ahead and get Asher out at 38 weeks. Since she couldn't induce me due to the previous c-section and knew it wasn't safe for me to keep walking around waiting for labor to kickstart with high blood pressure, we decided a c-section was best for all parties, especially since my body had begun the ugly prodromal labor. She took the time and looked me straight in the eye and communicated her concerns in relationship to my desires. My desire was to learn from my experience from Shyla and to follow my doctor's lead. She knew that if I had to have a csection, I wanted Asher ready to breast feed almost immediately out of the womb, to have him in the room with me as much as possible, and desired a nasal cannula instead of a mask during surgery. She delivered 100%.

This felt liberating to have my birth wishes heard and listened to by my doctor. The best gift any woman can be given as she is about to give birth is the feeling of being heard. I did not experience this with Shlyla's birth. For me, it was important that my doctor understand that when it comes to birthing, I just desire a healthy baby and my voice heard.

Asher is healthy, happy, and so much fun. I am grateful for my doctor, the c-section, and an easy recovery so far. This time I have the emotional space and creative urge to photo journal the story of our evolving love for him. The story is always bigger and deeper in hindsight.

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