Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Next Chapter

The next chapter of life for my family

It's funny how this blog has changed and evolved in the last few months.  This blog does represent my perception of the change that I have seen in my own life for the last few months. Death, life, home purchases, birth, rebirth-growth, growing this place up from a place to just express and write to a place to network,  share ideas, create beautiful images, share the artistic ventures of others, design, and my own activities that are generating  has been so fun.  I have learned so much from other fellow artists and lifestyle bloggers as well through various networking sites. I am excited to do much more of this in the coming year! In the next few weeks I am going to be working hard to increase the amount art and funky t-shirts being sold in the Storenvy online site as well. Stay tuned.

To celebrate birth, growth, rebirth in our daily lives, creative lives, and on this blog, I invite you to copy and paste the Life Astonished Arts and Lifestyle Button HTML code (below blog button) to your blog or website to further connect people that strive to live beautiful, fun, and full lives:

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The resource that I have gained the most insight from has been by artist, designer, and blogger Dana Fox at The Wonder Forest . I have been following her blog for about a year and totally absorbed her eBook Blog Wonderfu l on blogging beautifully, artfully, and wonderfully:

This book has helped me understand good blog design, networking, and the business behind it.  Her voice and insight is very precise and so helpful!!!

Keep spreading the love!

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