Monday, January 7, 2013

Recipe for Digestive Health

Since I hit the third trimester of this pregnancy, I have been having some serious and typical digestion issues.  My yoga teacher is a jack -of- all trades kind of a lady.  She is an RN, personal trainer, holistic dietitian, and yoga instructor. Every week since the beginning of September I have been attending her yoga classes. Every Saturday after class she asks me how everything is going with the pregnancy and I tell her what ridiculous health issue is bothering me this week and she generally gives me an herbal or holistic remedy for my symptom.  Recently, she gave me this fantastic recipe to increase my overall digestive health during pregnancy and after.  It's so simple and has helped with the typical yucky digestive issues that come with late pregnancy.

In the A.M. combine the follow:  32oz of H20 + juice from a lemon + 2 drops of peppermint oil. An optional addition is two drops of lemon oil.

Directions: Sip this wake up your digestive tract before you start to feed it.

What works for you guys?  Please share in the comments below to enlighten me further on other aspects.

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julie johnson said...

2 people e-mailed me to enlighten me that ginger was also a good help with digestion.