Monday, January 7, 2013


As I approach the upcoming event of being a mother of 2 beautiful babes, I feel blessed that my concept of mothering has been shaped and molded by beautiful, creative, deep hearted and, rooted women.  Over the last ten years I have come to know women who wear the hat called "mom" with so much grace, creativity, and honesty.  They are younger then me, my peers, and  30+ years older and grandparents themselves.

Here are a  things I have learned and observed over the last decade of being in relationship with such powerful and compelling women who also call themselves a mom:

Mothering is about storytelling .

It is about modeling vulnerability and molding creativity in our children's little hearts.

It is about teaching the wisdom of boundaries.

It is about planting seeds for them to sow their own faith life.

Mothering is about teaching love as a verb by showing self-compassion to ourselves (happy mom, happy kids).

It is about failing and being ok with starting at the drawing board again.

Mothering is about keeping that life in your back pocket alive and growing.  You know, the life that reminds you why you enjoy the life you have been given *outside* of caring for your kids.  The life that shows your kids who you are at the root, your spiritual gifts, lets say.

Mothering is about modeling the gift of grace 150% of the time.

Side note: someone remind me to go back and read this entry two weeks from now when I am in the midst of the trenches.

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