Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013: Engaging More with the Wisdom of Boundaries

Our family made it through our move!  We have worked really hard unpacking our house and trying to find time to relax between trips to target, unpacking boxes, and playing with Shyla.

I have been reading other people's status updates and blogs today about their wishes for the new year.  Again, people are referring to having words of intention instead of resolutions.  Last year my word(s) were "thrive" and "roots."  At the end of the year we are expecting baby no. 2 and moving into our newly bought house.  We are digging roots here in St. Louis and expanding our hearts with the addition of a new little one. Those words of intention are powerful. This year is it is engage.  I want to engage more in the activities and friendships that continue to breath life, light, and meaning into my existence.  Finding opportunities to engage more and numb less is so hard in a culture that demands so much attention to meaninglessness.  Finding those opportunities comes in the form of prayer, meditation, faith, creativity, action.

My friend Marissa and I always talk about the activities in our lives that rebuild us or :fill up the tank or that remind us to engage deeper in the life that God calls us to live.  For both of us, it comes in the form of yoga practice and being a part of our church community. For me it also comes in the form of photography, writing, and connecting with my best friends over awesome food..

However, as a person that readily wears her heart on her sleeve and feels life so deeply, it is important for me address the concept of engaging in life with the wisdom of boundaries.  I will credit my favorite author and social worker Brene Brown for teaching me the concept of  "compassionate boundaries."  I have learned that I cannot just engage in life with someone who lives in a world of resentment and projected blame.  I have a circle of people that I trust to fully engage with me in the dark days and the beautiful days without projection.  These are people that practice boundaries themselves.  They know when to say "no" and when it is a good time for them to say "yes."  They practcie self-compassion on a daily basis.

In 2013, I choose to continue to engage in more activities with these people in my personal, creative, and blogging life.  I am going to share my photographs, participate in more writing and photography communities, go deeper in my church community, and engage my family to be a part of their local community through services projects.

In 2013, I engage deeper with the wisdom of  boundaries:

Engaging moments through my camera:

Flowers in my window

Flowers through my lacey curtain

Playing with Shyla and her truck

First Self-Portrait of 2013

Watching my daughter think of all the thing she can do with that marker

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