Sunday, November 18, 2012

Swim, Flow, Pray....Mary Oliver Style

The man who has many answers is often found in theaters of information,
where he offers , graciously, his deep findings.

While the man who has only questions to comfort himself,
makes music.   -Mary Oliver

I am currently on a Mary Oliver kick.  I love reading poetry because it is saying profound things in about 10 lines.  Plus I love how she can put so much beauty in 5 lines of prose.  I just started reading her new book "A Thousand Mornings."  It is beautiful.  The poem above is from her new collection.  It reminds me that when I am in situations where there are so many unknowns, it is better to begin asking questions instead of finding the answers.  How can I make it through this chapter of beautiful chaos by generating an attitude of authenticity for the struggle and gratitude for the resources God has granted me?  I don't have any answers, but I have resources and spiritual history with God that reminds me that God has found me in darker spaces and given the resources to generate life outside of the anxiety that comes from "inner storms."

Knowing my resources to pull myself out of inner storms is key.

This weekend Mary Oliver, watching Freaks and Geeks, walking around The Loop and being in South City with one of my long time friends from Kansas City has been very therapeutic from my current thinking process.  We went to the Upcycle Exchange yesterday to scour for some second hand craft supplies for an upcoming art project that I am going to begin working on today.  I love shopping for second hand clothes and craft supplies, not just because they are cheap, but because the objects and clothes tell a story.  The stores that many of these objects are in generate a space of peace and loveliness for thinking outside the box helps me beyond comparison.

So this is how you swim inward.  So this is how you flow outwards.  So this is how you pray.- M.O.

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