Saturday, October 27, 2012

Wellness is ultimate sign of fitness

This week has been so long and frustrating.  I worked more then I played.  When I wasn't playing I was sleeping and dreading another long day at work or complaining.  My attitude this week could have been like 200% better.  Anyway, now that last week has come to and end, I am so relieved I have time to just let go of all the work deadlines, family coordination/child care pick up chaos that is exists M-F.  I love Friday nights and Saturdays and Sundays that are not cluttered with activity.  Last night was just beautiful.  I got off work work, picked up Shyla, and went to the rec center to walk on the treadmill and jam to some Le Tigre while she played in the child care area.  It was beautiful.  Then we came home, played cars, watched the muppets, ate some yummy pizza and crashed until Luke got home from work!!  It was what I remember Friday nights being as a kid.  This morning we got up late, went to to the rec center so I could go to to my anasara yoga class, she played, and then we ate got some yummy food for the week to come at Trader Joe's.  Again, I love weekends like this....with almost little to no activity.

In yoga today, my teacher Leslie talked about how fitness needs to be more about wellness.  She was like if you are stressed out and you feel like your inner mind is a boot camp, it is better for your body to go to a yoga class.  It was like she read my mind about the week prior.  She said that true fitness is meeting your body where its at for the day.  She was like if you are tired and the only thing you can get yourself to do actively is get on the eliptical for 20 minutes while listening to good music, then that is what you are supposed to do.  She stressed that fitness needs to be less of a mental war and more of a mental check in to the reality of our current wellness.  This is why I just love her classess!!  We stretched, strengthened, and meditated on gratitude for reality checks during our yoga practice.  It is what I needed today.  Too many times I have pushed myself to get to a weight training class, boot camp class, or whatever else because that is what I thought in my head fitness is all about.  When, in reality, if I have a week like last week, the best thing I can do is get a massage and go to yoga.

As a point of reflection in yoga are the three things that I meditated on that I am very grateful for:
1. My current life status.  As frustrated as certain aspects of  life are right now, I wouldn't change any of it right now.  I am a work in progress in those areas.  I am working on it...everyday.

2. My beautiful baby boy that I am growing in my belly right now and our amazing little girl that would rather be a ninja then a princess and play cars rather then with dolls.  I love when she says "Hi-Yah" when she fists bumps me.  She is awesome!  I just love her little personality.  I cannot wait to see the purpose she finds in life with all this creativity.

3. Financial Freedom.  Luke and I are totally in the green for the first time in our relationship.  We literally have no debt.  It is a breath-taking feeling to live in a place of  enough financially.

4. My beautiful friends that love and adore our family like their own family.  Can't say enough there.  Except their love and support is enough.

Yesterday was Shyla's Halloween Party at preschool.  She was a ninja.  I think she is awesome for that!  It was so great to see her around her peers. She totally goes to the beat of her own drummer and I love that. She follows the rules but takes her own path to the destination.  God love her for that.  Here are some photos from the Halloween Party:

Dance party before trick or treating

That's her friend from preschool and Shyla reading a book.  I love when kids stare straight into the lens of a camera.  It makes the best photos.

She absolutely HATED waiting to get all the babies in the buggy.  She was ready to go the second she got in the car.

Shyla insisted on having Luke carry her during the party.

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Shyla is still trying to understand the concept of Halloween.  She usually tries to give the candy back to whomever gave it to her.  She even says "Thank you" as she gives it back.

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