Sunday, October 28, 2012

The secret to fun self portraits....loving hits and the misses

Since posting this picture on facebook lat night I have had many people asking me how to capture a self portrait image like this.  To be honest, all it takes is curiosity,playing with a combination of body angles, and  camera angles...oh and my favorite tool on any camera: the timer!  As an artist, I have always liked to be open about how I get that magical, blissful "ah-ha" photo.  Guess what?  It is by taking lots of and lots of crappy ones that are out of focus where sometimes my head isn't even in the photo.  It took me about 40 missed photos to get this one.  So here is the ONE hit.

The hit

 5 out of 40 Misses!

To be honest, if you ever want to learn more about photography and self-portraiture, I strongly urge you guys to take Andrea Scher's Superhero Online Photography Class:  Superhero Photography.  It was a great creative outlet for me last winter.  I absolutely adored her photoprompts and helped me rebuild my photo portfolio.

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