Friday, November 2, 2012

Sweet with A Side of Real

These are my new rain boots that I got when I went shopping with Marissa a few weeks ago.  I love them.

I told my friend today that I am an inspirational junkie.  I love getting on pinterest or other blogs and just finding words, art, or books that inspire me.  It is what brings a huge smile to my face when I am sitting up with heart burn or a kicking in utero baby at 3 A.M.  It is a reminder that the sweet spots of life are present even in the darkest of moments.  I mean, did anyone here about those amazing NICU nurses who took those  sick babies down the 21 flights of stairs during Hurricane Sandy?  Sweetness in the midst of darkness. For me this week was mostly sweet with a side of darkness.

The Sweet and Grateful:

*Our good friend Stefanie gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Westley after 7 years of fertility issues.

*My beautiful daughter celebrated her 3rd Halloween as a Ninja!

*My lovely friend Michelle helped me get through my social skills class this morning by volunteering to chase 5 visually impaired kids around our space today.

*Luke and I have walked through some very cute houses in Maplewood recently.  Maplewood feels like home.  It just does.  I think we are getting closer on figuring out what sort of a house we want to invest money in.  Trying to find a house that "feels like home" is a very materialistic version of dating.

*Staying in on Friday nights with my sweet girl on the nights that Luke works and making yummy food with her and snuggling on the couch.

*Donating some beautiful handmade scarves created by Sprouted Designs to our friend in Seattle's handmade auction to raise money for research on children with rare chromosomal abnormalities.

*Making our monthly food menu full of seasonally appropriate foods.

*Feeling baby Asher move...all the time

*Weekends where my laptop from work stays at my office.

The Lessons Being Learned and Reality:

* I am trying to understand my underlying love for shoes.  But I seriously love the design of boots and shoes.

*That work can stay at work. Guess what, it will magically still be there on Monday.

*Learning to understand that my husband as an imperfect, lovable, and amazing human being all the at the same time confuses me mostly because I am the same way.

*Being pregnant, 3rd trimester pregnant is just hard.  I am really sorry, but feeling like a baby is going to roll out of your vagina the second it drops is frankly hard. I am grateful for Asher and this life.  But trying to assume your daily posture in this physical state not only takes grace but a seriously strong vagina.  There I said it....and then trying to chase your two year old toddler around after 8 hours of this feeling.

....Not sure where this blog can go from there.....I guess I should just end with my favorite Betty White quote:  Why do some people say "grow some balls?"  Balls are weak and sensitive.  You wanna be tough, grow vagina.  Those things take a pounding."

More photo taking tomorrow. My vagina took a beating today.  Thanks Asher.

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