Saturday, October 20, 2012

Family Time and Pumpkin Patch Photos

I feel I need to call this blog my ode to autumn.  Every post I swear I praise the beauties of autumn and how much I love it!  Well, here is another one!!!

My parents came in to town this weekend to hang out with us and go to the Pumpkin Patch.  I love when my parents come into town because we always do fun "Wilson Family Things" no matter what city we are in.  We always work out as a family at the nearest club, eat at fun restaurants, and go shopping at Target...oh and drink lots of local coffee for our location.  Well, this trip into St. Louis proved to be no different.  They came in last night and picked up Shyla up from daycare.  She was SO excited to see Pap Pap and Mimi at her school.   She ran and gave my dad a huge hug when she saw him.  It was great.  Of course last night we ate at this italian restaurant called Maggiano's that my dad really wanted to try out and spend the evening walking around the mall!!  I don't normally enjoy mall walking on a regular basis, but with my family, it is sort of a tradition.  This morning we all went to work out at the Rec Center and went shopping for fall shoes at Target.  I LOVE weekends like this.  It feels like home to me except this time we are in the place that Luke and I are creating to be home to us...St. Louis.  I am loving this concept.

We also went to the Rombach's Farm this afternoon on this gorgeous autumn afternoon!!

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