Thursday, October 18, 2012

All Things Lucy and Ethel....the names of my new stretchmarks

And the 3rd Trimester welcomed Asher and I with it's magical symptoms this week:
heartburn, backache, and oh yes more stretchmarks!!  The new stretchmarks are named Lucy and Ethel.

I notice myself starting to feel extremely armored to life when I begin to focus on material objects.  I am just like my father in this way.  Tonight my ipad screen cracked and I spent way too much time figuring out how I am going to get through work in the next week without that damn tablet while it gets fixed.  That is usually the sign when I have to pull back from my materialistic neurotic mental ramblings and read something that reminds me what life is all about.  This is where I can thank my lucky stars that I have trimmed my facebook friends list down to only the people in my life who I feel and process life in same manner that I do:  The deep feelers, thinkers, self-depreciating humorists and appreciators that I know and love.  So far, it is working.  Luke even viewed my page briefly tonight and said "all your friends talk about are yoga, peace, and love....hippies."  I told him that was the point.  But tonight I found this quote on another person's wall:

 When we speak of our hometowns, what we really mean is, ‘The place where my sisters and I grew up’, or ‘The place I met my first best friend’, or ‘The place where my kids were born.’ Yes, home is the landscape of people, places, and things upon which we live our life- but it is mostly about the people. That is why home can be a suburban neighborhood, or a struggling farm, or a ship at sea, or a war-torn nation. After all, home is where hearts are.

That quote reframed my already overly active and materialistic brainwaves for the day.  You know I love to explore the concepts of home.  Tonight I needed to go back to those concepts and leave the iPad Screen Neurosis at the door.  My awesome friend Alyce reminded me of this book that I NEED to read before Asher is born.   My Name Is Asher Lev will be bought and probably devoured through by Monday morning.
The book is about a young artist named Asher who grows up in an Hasidic Jewish Family and has a growing passion for drawing and art!!  You know how there are books on this earth that I call my "soul books."  I think this is one of them.   I think every book I read right now I want to be a soul book.  Bloom by Kelle Hampton was soul book,  Daring Greatly by Brene Brown is a soul book too.  So were Angela's Ashes, The Little Price, The Weetzie Bat Books, and Everything's Illuminated.

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