Sunday, September 2, 2012

Thriving: A Visual Reminder

I love labor day weekend.  I especially love it when I get opportunities to reflect off the last year. I love allowing time for reflection over passed year when I get to see it through photos. This year (and I know it isn't over yet) I told God that I wanted our family to thrive financially, spiritually, and relationally. Setting a word intention or prayer at the beginning of every year is my new thing.  This summer was especially challenging to my intention for my family and friends.  We lost Luke's dad on July 24 after surviving with Neuro Sarcoidosis for 2 years.  The passing of Luke's dad seemed especially sad because my sister-in-law, Erin and I are both pregnant and due within 3 weeks of each other.  Fred was super excited about being a grandfather again for the 3rd and 4th time.  This made his passing even harder.  Our family has chosen to thrive through the loss of Fred because that is what our purpose is on it earth: To thrive no matter what stack of cards are handed to us. We choose to live because our hearts are still beating  We mourn the loss of a grandfather my children will never know and celebrate the beauty of a soul we all had the honor of knowing for his time on earth.  If I ever have moments where I feel like I am falling back into more of a survival state of mind I review my photo portfolio from the last 9 months. I think the spirit and richness of my everyday life exists in photos. I am reminded of this today.
Side note:  *I will be adding to this soon.  Now that I feel like a normal person again after getting through my first trimester of pregnancy and the passing of my Father-In-Law, I am back in the photo groove*

With my current pregnancy and the challenges that lay before Luke and I as parents of two children, we will certainly be embracing our community and faith to help us grow from the bittersweet and beautiful place we currently reside today.  As they say: "You're not done, till you're dead."  So until then we have some more growing to do.

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