Saturday, November 15, 2014

The ABCs of Essential Oils

Disclaimer, I am a "wellness advocate" for  an essential oil company called doTerra.  But this is not a blog entry about doTerra products at all.  This is purely an educational blog entry for those that are wanting to begin their journey into Essential Oils.  If you are interested in exploring more about DoTerra products, you are more then welcome to contact me privately as I do not use this blog as a way to publicize my affiliation with doTerra.

I have been a lot more vocal about my Essential Oil usage over the last few months.  While essential oils have been something I have always been interested in, it wasn't until the last year where I really started to focus my essential oil usage to my mental, physical and emotional health.   I like these posts to be pretty practical since we are all on our own wellness journey through life. Also, I would like to add that essential oils are *not* a cure all.  Just like meds aren't little miracles we swallow to cure all of our problems, essential oils should be used in conjunction with a real food diet, exercise, counseling, support medical recommendations. It takes a little wellness village that includes essential oils to make some of us feel whole.  Only you can discern what is going to work best for *you.* So here is a practical and visual story on how I use them:

I use essential oils for three primary reasons:

1. To support my mental and emotional health
2. To support physical health
3. To make cleaning supplies

Essential Oils that I use to support emotional and mental health:

                                                                            Clary Sage

Wild Orange
Lemon Oil

Essential Oils I use for physical health benefits:

I use peppermint to help with headaches, cold and flu symptoms

I use this mostly for allergy relief in conjunction with a netty pot

Essential Oils I use for Cleaning (diluted in white vinegar):

Usage and application:



Skin Application diluted in either coconut oil or avocado oil
(link above gives more information on why it is necessary to dilute)

For more resources on all thing essential oils, feel free to follow my essential oils pages on Pinterest: here

Top three things to remember when using essential oils:
1. dilute! dilute! dilute! in a carrier oil.  The most common are coconut, avocado and almond.
2. Pay attention to the brand of Essential Oil you use.  Not all brands are created equal.
3. Stop using if you have any negative reaction to an oil!  These are powerful!


Rosygirl said...

Thanks Julie. what brands of Oil do you recommend? -Rosygirl

julie johnson said...

As I stated above in the blog, I am a wellness advocate/consultantfor DoTerra so clearly I love their stuff. Besides Doterra here are the other brands I would recommend:

1. Now
2. Mountain Rose
3. Young Living