Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Why I Love Photographing St. Louis

I have had the honor over the last three months to be in the process of writing and teaching my first creative book study through Brene Brown's Gift of Imperfection's with my friend and fellow blogger Andrea.  It has been an amazing journey into discovering who I am as a content writer for things I am passionate about and also being able to walk with others as they learn to be opened to their creative side.  As my psychiatrist says "we're all creative, we just gave up on that side of ourselves when it wasn't the first thing we were good at."  To be honest, that is what I decided about myself with math and science.  Anyway, teaching this class has come at a very poignant time for me.

Working in Ferguson, MO right now is like walking on egg shells. (Google Mike Brown if you are not aware of the happenings in Ferguson).  But having the opportunity to walk around St. Louis with some of the most  innovative minds I know has been very rewarding and cathartic.  Photo walks are like symbols of hope for me as I go through my work days trying to focus on teaching students Braille and technology but losing myself to overhearing teachers discussing the imminent community uprisings.  Photo walks are a reminder to me of who St. Louis is as a whole community.  From the brick streets of Soulard to the anxious Ferguson Community, photo walks can help us understand and tell visual narratives of the grit AND hope that lives in this 250 year old city.  The pictures aren't always pretty but is this a city that tells the truth, even when it hurts.

I am not in an emotional space to really dig deep on anything related to Ferguson through writing.  Instead, I am just using my camera to tell the story for itself.  Photo essays. yes. that is how I am doing it.

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