Friday, June 27, 2014

Photography as Loving Kindness

Photography as Loving Kindness

Photography is my way of receiving and expressing Metta (Loving Kindness)
My camera lens acts as a mediator between the world within me
And the external beauty connecting
All of US

I rejoice in the opportunity to capture the true physical and spiritual beauty of people
In my portraits;
I rejoice in seeing people visually captured as true fine art
For the First Time

When I photograph old city buildings and their rich textural layers of brick
And Mortar,
I contemplate the infinite layers of my own psyche,
Digging deep for authenticity

When I photograph the loveliness of the community gardens in My City,
I feel tranquility
In knowing that all the flowers and the seeds fully understand the rhythms of their
Own lives,
Because  the Garden does not question the Gardener
When it is time to Harvest.

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