Monday, February 10, 2014

When the Gift is Suffering PT2: Coping

So when I say that I sit in darkness for a period of time, that doesn't mean I am sitting in my misery. It means I am observing my tendencies but I do that by participating in simple exercises that remind me of who I am wanting to become in the big picture. For me sitting in darkness means, taking the small steps towards understanding what it means to be Beloved by God. And as my therapist and Brennan Manning's writing pointed out to me, the opposite of Beloved is shame and self-rejection. So I am taking the healing steps to understand Belovedness. Here are a few of my coping tools:

I pray my coping statements (thanks to my therapist). Here are a few of mine:

"May you be free from the cause of suffering." 

"You were born a little broken with an extra dose of sensitivity."  -Glennon Melton

"Do not feel lonely. The entire universe is inside you." -Rumi

I listen to music that keeps me pushing towards where I want my heart to be:

I listen to podcasts that remind me of things I love:

I create boards on Pinterest that inspire me:

Take action. That's right I am now on the street team for To Write Love On Her Arms, a not for profit dedicated to ending the stigma of mental illness. Being an advocate for a cause I personally experience as well as several people I love has been very healing for me.  You will hear me talk more about this in a later post. When you see me post on Pinterest about mental health issues, it's because of To Write Love On Her Arms. Until then, if haven't heard of them, you should:

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