Saturday, February 1, 2014

When A Brain Becomes A Mind ( A reflection of January).

At the beginning of this month, I made a deal with myself that I would videotape (or photograph) one simple part of my day in Instagram and then mash one second snipptes together in the app One Second Everyday.  Capturing one visual snippets everyday this month was a new kind of visual storytelling for me.  Being committed to looking for the visual beauty in the ordinary has always been something I focus on in this blog.  But adding movement to this kind of visual storytelling telling was new to me.  Yes, January was full birthday parties, friends, snow days, a business trip to florida and intentional time in contemplation, solitude.

But let's get deeper here...

In a nutshell, January was a no B.S. month. In an effort to not give in to past mental pitfalls, I really stayed focused and honest all month about the things that "hook" me.  However, I want to be clear, that it is never my intention to avoid the dark spaces and feelings that exist within me.  Instead, I want my brain to stop being a brain and become a mind when I am feeling my lows.  It is my intention that I become more of an observer to my darkness and less of a participant.  In January, I did that for the first time, ever.  I think that's how brains become minds. Brains react, minds observe. 

On My January Goals:
Here were my January goals:
1. Update budget every other day
2. Plug my phone and iPad in every night before I go to bed

3. Put creativity back into family dinners: pre-plan the weekly dinner menu with Luke
The Budget
I am happy to announce that really focusing on these three goals this month has really increased my confidence and joy.  Updating the budget everyday this month and creating financial goals has been very prolific for us in the life of our family.  We saved an extra $200.00 and are planning a family trip to Nashville, Tennesee this summer.   We are actually thriving financially, instead of treading water.  But it has also meant sacrificing my love for clothes.  However, with a little creative thinking, a few of my friends in St. Louis have started doing some clothes swapping!  To quotes Austin Kleon "Creativity happens in moments of subtraction."

Plugging my iPad and iPhone in everynight:
I did it!!! yay!!!
Putting Creativity back into the family dinners:
So it finally clicked with me a the beginning of this month that I could actually use the time I spend on Pinterest productively by pinning and planning creative family meals for the week.  It really has brought the joy of meal time back to the forefront.  Using Pinterest as a tool to keep me organized and creative was the best technology to blend both!  This month we have made some great recipes. I will post those here later.

Until then: I am focusing on my February Goals (and making more videos):

February Goals:
1. Complete Fine Art Fashion Photography Class
2. Work on creating a play space in the basement
3. Create more AT contacts via LinkedIn and Twitter.

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