Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Heart of Mothering (in photos)

Photographing mothers in an intimate setting might be one of my favorite types of shoots.  It is a reminder to me that mothering is just as much about the mom herself as the child that she is raising. I strongly stand by my view that motherhood is not a time in life where a mother's spiritual and emotional needs are put to the side for the sake of her child's.  In fact, it is the most important time. It is my belief that God's love is fully seen in mothers when they are caring for themselves spiritually while also caring for the children whose hearts they are molding.  My friend Alex, photographed below, is a brand new mom to her son Brooks and everyone around her.  Alex is a creative, loving spirit with a heart for her son.   I love that she wears a tattoo in honor of her mother proudly on her forearm to commemorate that relationship.  I hope you view these photos with an immense appreciation for yourself as a mother, your mom or mom figure, or your friends that are moms.  Mothering is a beautiful, complex role that sometimes I can only describe through photographs.  These photographs are a visual story about the women in mom roles and the children they are raising.  Please enjoy!

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