Tuesday, June 11, 2013

One Thousand Gifts

I MADE IT THROUGH MY CLASS!!!!  I can officially begin to dive deeper in my creative life again!  But times like this are really gifts if we think about it.  The whole situation is a gift about perspective!  We can feel peace when we are feeling stretched to the max.  It just takes creating time to come up for air out of the thick of the busy-ness, frustrating things that God puts in our lives for reasons we do not understand.

One thing I realized after unexpectedly being in school again the last six weeks is that I absolutely do not want to be in school again.  I loved my education, but I love time creating and showing my artwork around the St. Louis community more.  I love reading books like Daring Greatly, Orange Tangerines, Carry On Warrior and my new one that I started today:

This book asks the question: How do you keep joy alive in the midst of the chaos and times where you have to carve time out in your day to come up for hair and kiss the sun?  I need this book in my life right now as I begin to create new artwork in this season life.  There are 1000 Gifts to the life God has blessed us with.
It is just a matter for us to slow down and see them, even in the midst of the season where you get migraines on command from all the "open tabs" in your head.  I am happy to see this season of my life be over.  So I can do more of this:

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