Thursday, May 23, 2013

When the Color Fades

This week has been super busy in my life as a teacher.  I am sad to say that it has sucked a lot of time out of my studio and art time.  However, I have been taking some photos and readying myself for my next creative endeavors---transferring black and white food images on to a variety surfaces.  As stated in previous entries, I love food photography.  I think with Luke's background in the culinary arts and fine arts and my love for photography and post modern/subtractive art, this concept seems to be evolving.  Food is so much about color, but what happens when food is stripped of its vibrant colors and placed in a completely different scenario.  Do we act the same?  

I have been looking forward to exploring this concept of my artwork so much this week that I went out to buy hodge podge and gel medium just to keep myself to accountable to doing this on Friday night in the studio!!!  I even found a piece of scrap wood to experiment on!!  

Anyway, I am looking forward to exploring this concept on my blog next week and discussing more fun styles, books, and recipes we have tried!!