Saturday, May 25, 2013

Keeping It In Perspective and Not Going Frantic

The extent to which continuing education classes consume my life, is a whole different blog entry.  Instead of focusing on my frustration with that current and temporary task in my life, I want to focus on the little pieces of joyful moments I am experiencing between papers, evaluations, and diapers.  This is a season of life where work is temporarily asking *more* of me.  That doesn't mean that it defines me.  It means that I have to apply the very things that I talk about on this blog in my own life: finding time to create the time to connect to the best part of living God's dream.  

In the past, I have been one of those people that just diminishes when life asks more of me for a chapter of my life--not my WHOLE life.  I can become extremely juvenile when more is put on my plate.  This week i have read a blog entry that is helping  me keep it together as I tackle a 3 credit hour master's level course in 6 weeks (not by choice):  

Here is how I am changing the story during this season of life when, the things *out there* are asking more of me that I would like (but not forever):  I am celebrating every little accomplishment along the way.  Instead of stressing until the its all done.  I am letting myself celebrate moments of creativity and inspiration.  Less frantic.  That story is changing.

1. Making the time for connection and community. 

I had coffee with a family new to St. Louis at my husband's coffeeshop on Friday.  They just gave birth to an adorable baby girl a few weeks ago.

2. Reading these books:

3. Listening to this song on repeat.

4.  Carrying this with me--everywhere.  I love the camera on my phone.  But nothing will ever compare to the feeling of holding the camera in my hand.

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