Saturday, May 18, 2013

What Food Photography Means To Me

As I see more and more instagrammers photographing their food (including myself), I have been digging deeper in the idea of what food photography means to me.  It is more then photographing food, it is photographing the experience of food.  And not just any food, real food.  The food that makes you feel good about it eating.  The food that is colorful.  The food that you associate with great memories-those are the kinds of food I love to photograph.  Farmer's markets, wine, morning coffee, mimosa's at brunch, salads, brown eggs, etc.--the food that I see that is real and represents the best parts of the real food movements (food that is unprocessed and well, the real deal).

I love seeing that there are people out there who want to share their food experience via art.  It is beautiful to see that people want to share their healthy, whole food to a wider audience of people in a culture where food   of convenience is more popular then making food from the heart. The blend of the real food movement, photography, and instagram is best advertisement for people to begin considering what foods they eat are photo worthy both in looks and for their bodies. It makes me think critically about making good choices in the food I give myself and the kids. It also reminds me that food is less about diet and more about bringing people together.  If food photography is a consistent reflection to my own health, then there is something to all these people photographing their breakfasts and dinners on instagram.  Keep it up.  I get it.  Let's share the experience and keep growing in our understanding of real food.

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