Thursday, May 9, 2013

Kinfolk Magazine

I absolutely love Kinfolk Magazine.  It is magazine that encompasses everything I love about life.  It is literally a magazine about bringing people together for the sake of community.  For example, there is an article in Volume 7 of Kinfolk Magazine about why it  is important to check in with you neighbors and friends on a regular basis.  The article goes in depth on why simple check ins with our best friends carry so much weight to feeling like we are a part of something bigger then our isolated issues.  It is also a magazine that gives the reader ideas on how art, food, and gatherings can create opportunities for vulnerability and connection.  Oh yeah, and this recent issue also gives ideas on creating flower bouquets in ice cream cones!!  Oh and the photos in this magazine are beautiful!!  If you love good food, art, and getting together with your friends, then this magazine is seriously worth a buy!  Plus, it is just a pretty publication to have on your shelf!

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