Friday, May 31, 2013

Kairos Moments at World Market

Yesterday was just a long day of sleep deprivation and migraines.  I notice I get migraines when my brain continues to go and go and go without coming up for air.  So yesterday after I got out of a staff training, I pulled my lovely Samsung Galaxy out and started photographing anything that looked visually appealing to me.  These moments are sacred to me.  When I begin viewing the world through any camera lens, time stops.  It is my "Kairos moment" as Glennon Melton puts it.  It is my time where God reminds me that He is there in the lens.  I get to capture life in His time, Kairos time--where time stops and the beauty of God's story can be seen and narrated through my photography.  For about 10 minutes yesterday I photographed my shoes on bricks in an alley way in South City, St. Louis.  Yesterday called for some serious shoe flair.
And a self-portrait of me rocking some flair.

And accessorie flair.....
And mommy/Asher time aka Kairos time.  I stopped time there for sure!  And then....


Confession.  World Market is the place I retreat to when I want to feel a sense of calm.  Some people go straight to the gym. I go straight to Pier 1 or World Market.  They remind me of the eternal things in my life that I love: community, art, food, and faith.  I know that sounds weird, but World Market is my place where I need to get my mojo back in time for the next assessment to write.  It reminds me of seasons of life and wholehearted living.  

Where are your Kairos moments?

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Karen Koblan said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the way the red brick looks in that first picture. And your son is adorable! Hmmm my place is a book store or as lame as it may be...Michael's craft store.
Karen's Soiree