Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Old House (color schemes for our house)

Luke and I are finally out of the post transition phase from our house buying, new baby process.  We started the active phase of defining this house with some Johnson flair.

Here is the color scheme for our house:

It is funny we are deciding to do this after I recently started rereading Cold Tangerines by Shauna Niequist. In one of her essays, Shauna shares that when she goes into friend's homes with new houses, she often feels envious of their brand new look while the odds and ends issues in her old house was something she often felt ashamed of. Anyway, she goes on discuss how we are all like "fixer upper" houses inside, works in progress, always. 

Well, Luke and I bought a 90 year house that has recently been rehabbed by the previous owners. The last two months in this space have been mostly dreaming of what we want it to look like and complaining about its current appearance.  I love to create spaces that are colorful and vibrant, but what I really hate is how much time it takes to cultivate it.  I get impatient for the finished product.  I want this space to look the way I feel about its potential--yesterday.  However, today, in the midst of talking to Luke about which room we were going to start to paint I asked myself "what race are you trying to win here, Julie?"   In an instagram world, we connect through colors, good food, cute babies, and creative spaces.  I am driven by the cultivation of those objects and the connections they create through photography.  I get lost in the process of creating those instagram moments.  God molds us through process.  Much like an old house that has been rehabbed, the story is in the obstacle and struggle.  And in most areas of my life, I want to go straight to the finished product without doing the hard work that generates all the color.

Here are some color samples:

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