Saturday, April 13, 2013

Kansas City

I wanted to write this post while I was in this town. I have been away from Kansas City for seven months. After a long summer of being in KC almost every weekend towards the end of Luke' s dads life, I decided I needed to intentionally root myself in St. Louis and take a break from coming to KC while I further connected to St. Louis. Prior to my hiatus, being in Kansas City felt more like coming home to a life and community I was missing out on. It hurts to see community happen without you. That's when I made the decision to grow where I was planted: St. Louis. That is still one of the best decisions I ever made.

Being back in KC after my hiatus has reminded me of the lessons I learned from the people and communities in this city to help propel my life forward in St. Louis. From my time in art school to my time at Jacob's Well, I have learned about the meaning and depth that God brings to human relationships. Being geographically sensitive has helped me to connect the lessons I have learned from my community in KC to cultivating deep relationships in St. Louis. Kansas City: My community and life in KC created a baseline for the way I relate to my friends. My friends from the midtown art scene, Jacob's Well, Lawrence, KS taught me the importance and necessity of a deep sense of belonging. St. Louis: Growing and laying down similar roots and applying lessons learned from life in KC. Roots meet Roots.

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