Monday, April 8, 2013

Grit and Color

Yesterday I took a few minutes to photograph the beautiful colored buildings of Soulard, this amazing old Victorian part of St. Louis. It is one of those spaces where when you travel over in that area you feel like you are some place else very European. Anyway, my friend Micheala grew up in this area of St. Louis and often reminds me that it is another space in this city whose past resembles days of color and days of grit. This correlation reminded me of my current life situations that represent color and life vs. the grit of learning the hard way.

1. The amazing spring weather and spending time outside with my family and friends
2. Getting super creative with my friends.
3. Slurped, yoga, the Wu-tang clan, and slip and slides
4. Awesome books
5. The rush talking and dreaming with Luke.
6. Knowing that all my close relationships represent the heart of God.

1. Getting anxiety about feeling stuck
2. Feeling like money will always solve issues of worthiness
3. Shame of any kind
4. The risk of love.
5. Knowing that God needs us to be uncomfortable

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